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Intermediate Level Class

In the past few years about 4000 folks have taken the beginner class. A number of them expressed interest in a follow-up… sort of a mid level class. I’m thinking expanding on headshots/portraits, some Photoshop/Elements, using flash units on your camera and… and… well, what would you be interested in? I figure it will be […]

Sony Nex-5r

Sony, seriously, you can’t put how to change Aperture in your camera manual? One of these cameras showed up in our class this weekend in Charlotte. I, and no one else in the class, could figure out how to change the aperture. Sony, this is stupid. If you have MANUAL operation of a camera as […]

It’s all Happening at the Zoo

To change things up a little we are planning some classes at the zoo. For Greenville and Atlanta the winter/spring classes will take place at the zoo. For Greenville, the classroom portion happens at Coffee Underground, and then we meet up with the animals. A telephoto lens is a big benefit for either city! If […]

Celestial Triangle

You might have noticed a couple of bright stars near the moon at sunset. Even the evening news on TV has made mention of the sight. It is a farely unusual scene… the Moon and two planets… Jupiter, and Venus. I went to the Blue Ridge Parkway on the 26th of February to get some […]

Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville

Everything is on schedule for our latest round of classes. There have been enough last minute schedule conflicts with some students that a lot of those on the waiting lists are getting in. Usually around the Friday before class we send a note of to those on the waiting list letting them know they got […]

Update for the Canon 60d

If you have a Canon 60d, you might want to update the firmware. Go here to download the file

Red, White and Boom

Photographing fireworks is pretty easy… and fun. They are quite bright… but you can’t use a fast shutter speed because you need to get the trail they leave behind. And… if you want a cityscape you need to let the light of the city in. Let’s start with ISO. I use 100. Some cameras will […]

Color Balance

If you shoot in AUTO mode you can not change your color balance. The camera is choosing it for you. In most of the other modes you can choose a white balance for your shot. And if you shoot in RAW quality, you can even change it later with no loss of information (there’s no […]

Cameras no longer need to focus?

When I was little, my first camera didn’t focus. EVERYTHING was pretty much in focus. Most cameras for grownups need to find a particular point and focus on that. The depth of field… or the depth of focus is all the stuff NOT in focus vs what is IN focus. How many of you wish […]

Time Lapse Photography

Later on in the fall or winter we may offer a night-time lapse photography class. You can get some amazing shots using one of two methods… one long exposure or lots of shorter ones blended together. A fellow named Tom Lowe has done some amazing work in regards to time lapse. Here is a video. […]