I get what the ISO numbers are. What’s H1, H2?

On my Canon I have ISO numbers from 100 to 6400. Then there are those confusing things like H1, H2, and L1. What the heck? When I go from ISO 100 to ISO 200, I have made my camera twice as sensitive to light. Then to 400, it doubles. Ditto for going to 800. Well, […]

Greenville Fundamentals Class @ Falls Park

Finally… some nice weather. The fundamentals class WILL meet at Falls Park at 6:30 tonight (Thursday).

New Classes Added

Our classes are not as large as some others you might see advertised. That’s what gives us the edge. By avoiding huge classes we are able to do one-on-one work with our students… but still, we’ve decided to offer an even more intimate workshop. Our Digital Photography – Smaller Sessions will be limited to 10 students per instructor […]

Hands-On Instruction

Get with us and shoot

Plenty Of Time To Shoot!

In every photography class shooting time is a big priority.

Photo Field Trips

Each of our photography classes includes an optional photo field trip.

A Variety Of Classes

We offer a range of classes to choose from.