Helpful Links

I believe any budding photographer needs all the information they can find. Well, for that matter experienced photographers should never stop learning either. So… here are some of my favorite sites. Gene

PhotoRumors Camera and photography news



PhotographyBay Camera and photography news

PetaPixel Camera and photography news

Canon USA Learning

Nikon Camera Basics

SnapSort Camera comparison All kinds of learning tools for photo students.

The Strobist A great site for learning about using your flash.

Strobist Flickr Site Photos done with off-camera flash.

Washington Photo Safari Photo trips and lessons in the DC area.

Satellite Flybys Things going on in the sky such as satellites, meteors, eclipses etc.

Drew Gardner, Photographer

What different lenses do in portraiture

You are not a photographer Examples of bad work  and what not to do.

Moose Peterson Wildlife and landscape photographer/teacher.

Joe McNally Life, National Geographic photographer and teacher.

Scott Kelby Training Great photography info and Photoshop training too.

Light, Science and Magic (the book)

Clay Blackmore Photographer and teacher.

Monte Zucker the late photographer and teacher.

Lens Cleaning Tips from Canon The consensus among those  on the internet is do not use eye glass cleaner on camera lenses. Get a microfiber cloth for lenses and if needed, a special camera lens fluid. To round out your lens care kit, I would also recommend getting a blower and an anti-static brush, to remove any grit from the lens surface before you do wet cleaning. The grit can scratch your lens/coating if caught in the microcloth while you do the wet cleaning. A great site for new equipment rumors, cool techniques, photographers and more.