One-On-One and Small Groups



photography instructor with studentWe’re popular for our training due to the hands-on approach for our classes. In our sessions we’ve learned some students prefer an even more hands-on approach to their learning. The smaller, more intimate classes see one student up to 5 students at most.

Having some knowledge of ISO, shutter speeds, and aperture will help you in this class.

With this small workgroup we spend two-three hours on location (outdoors) and work with each student and answer questions as needed. The goal is to have a fundamental understanding of how the camera works and some basic skills in composition and choosing shutter speed, aperture, iso, and lenses.

Due to the fact we are working outdoors, we may sometimes have to reschedule due to weather.

This class is geared for those with with DSLRs and cameras with advanced features beyond the scope of the traditional point-and-shoots.

If one-on-one training is more to your liking, contact us about personal tutoring. Rates are $150 for a 2 hour work session and $75 for each hour after that. For additional friends or family it is $50 each for each hour.

Here’s a sampling of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Shutter speed, f/stops, ISO, color balance
  • What your camera can and can’t do
  • Outdoor portriats
  • Balancing daylight and your flash
  • Introduction to composition
  • Eliminating blur… whether motion or focus -related
  • Anything else you want to know!

When and Where?

Most weekday and weekend days or evenings and the hours you choose! Contact us for more information. We generally work in Greenville, but can do other locations by special arrangement.

Sign Up Now

In just a couple of steps you can be signed up and have your class reserved.

By paying with PayPal, no other registration is required, but check with us first to make sure we’re clear that day and have you on the calendar.

Per Hour

You may also pay with a charge card via PayPal. You may also pay on the day of the class, provided you’ve touched base with us concerning a deposit and registration. This class is not listed on the registration page.

The instructor

With more than 30 years of experience as an award-winning photographer, he has been trained by some of the leading photographers in America. Gene is a former photojournalist who currently teaches photography at a local college. His past professional affiliations include the Professional Photographers of America and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

What you’ll need

Bring your camera and the manual. It is impossible for the instructor to know the operation of every camera made. If possible, know how to change your camera’s ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. If you can’t figure it out, we’ll help. Come with a charged up battery and an empty memory card.

Child care is not provided and it is not recommended to bring children.

The cost

Rates are $150 for a 2 hour work session and a little more for each hour after that. for the Greenville area. For additional friends or family it is $50 total, not for each for each hour! Rates outside the area are a little bit more, contact us for details.