We love sharing our knowledge of photography with our students. Interacting with and helping hands-on is something we thrive on.

Being able to class participants grow and develop their skills is so rewarding!

See what a few of our former students are saying about what they experienced during our beginner photography class!

“I’ve had my camera for over two years and I finally learned how to use it today.

~Debbie F.

“I thought the class was great! I came in only knowing how to use auto and now feel more confident”

~Emily M.

“Loads and loads of information. Relaxed , awesome hands on, friendly and easy approach (Felt like there were no dumb questions).”

~Tiffany B.

“I enjoyed this class. Now I know what my buttons are for!”

~Debbie C.

“I really enjoyed the class this class. Worth every penny!”

~Kim D.

“I really enjoyed the class.”

~Mandy B.

“This was well worth the money. Much more info than I expected. Thank you.”

~Mary S.

“… interesting and fun. I will definitely be considering taking another class to learn more.”

~ Dawn L.

“Very helpful! I was looking to learn how to use my camera and I ended up learning way more about it then I even thought I would.”

~Cassey B.

“Educational and informative! Can’t wait to apply the knowledge I gained from this class to improve my photography skills.”

~Rhonda H.

“It was great class – it didn’t even feel like a 6 hour course!! Very informative.”

~Jennifer S.

“Excellent coverage of the technical aspects of taking photos. A must for anyone that wants to understand what all those ‘buttons’ do.”

~Phil D.

“Great class! Time went by quickly. I feel more equipped to use my camera… and take good pictures.”

~Yolanda E.

“Loved the class! Very informative and enjoyed the instructor…very down to earth and relaxed session.”

~Kim I.

“I have learned a lot within the 6 hours of time. I could really see a difference in the pics I take now. Thanks.”

~Balavignesh M.

“Great class for beginners. Excellent teachers- “

~Kiran V.

“Really great class! Met all of my expectations.”

~Dave O.

“This class gave me an excellent understanding of the basic features of a camera. I know how to take better pictures and how to fix what I was doing wrong. I also have a better idea of the features I would like on any cameras I purchase in the future.”

~Erin Arnold

“The instruction was interesting and engaging. The book is essential as is the personal Q & A time with Megan.”

Lynsey K.

“I knew the basics of photography but this class helped me realize a lot of stuff and reason the science behind photos. Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed this session.”

Vijaya B.